Clover Mobile Vs Square | Portable Credit Card Processing | Merchant Service
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Clover Mobile Vs Square | Portable Credit Card Processing | Merchant Service

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Clover Mobile Vs Square | Portable Credit Card Processing | Merchant Service

First Data Solutions featuring Clover® Mobile include powerful cutting edge hardware and software, the most advanced payments security technology around and more. And, because every business is unique, we’ve designed them with flexibility in mind, so you can pick the combination that’s right for you

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Clover Vs Square Overview

After  a lot of research and consideration, here’s my quick summary of what I think each can best be used for:

Square Stand is more geared towards new businesses who want to take advantage of technology, but who don’t need the extra capabilities and shouldn’t have to pay for features they won’t use.

Clover Station is geared toward small to medium businesses looking to update their POS system and take advantage of new technology, while expanding what their current POS can do.


At first glance, everyone is drawn in by Sqaure’s seemingly low price of $99, but for the whole set up (tablet w/ card swiper, cash drawer, and receipt printer) Clover actually comes out to be a few dolars cheaper. And what businesses can get by without the cash drawer and receipt printer?

• Square $1,126-$1,326 (depending on the iPad purchased)Stand: $99
Cash Drawer: $229
Receipt Printer: $299
iPad: $499-699
• Clover $1299 Included in price:  tablet and station, receipt printer, and cash drawer
Both POS systems offer additional accessories, like bar code scanners or cables, as well as, additional units.

Payment Processing

Both the Clover Station and the Square Stand are payment solutions for businesses, but they differ in flexibility. With Square stand you’re going to process payments with Square, but with Clover you can process payments with a much wider variety of companies.

Square: with this POS you would process directly with Square, who charges 2.75% per swipe and 3.5% + $0.15 for keyed in transactions.
Clover: Clover is sold as a standalone POS system, which means it can be used with a large variety of credit card processing companies. This is good for merchants because it gives them the ability to shop for credit card processing companies and get a lower cost (i.e. less than 2.75% per swipe). Merchants need to be very diligent when shopping for processing so they make sure not to overpay, which unfortunately is very easy to do.

Whether you need software for your Restaurant, Convenience Store
Service Industry, for Point of Sale, wholesale outlet or Mail-order, or even for Manufacturing, we have products to meet your needs. No matter how well you manage your business, there are only 24 hours in a day. For many businesses, the key to maximum profitability is to effectively manage their time and scheduling to maximize employee productivity and resource usage.

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